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Peptide Therapy

Don Will

Harvard graduate dedicated to changing lives.


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Peptide Therapy is an exciting, cutting-edge medical science that uses specific amino acid sequences called “peptides” that, when properly administered will enhance our own bodies’ health functions. For example, some peptides enhance our sex lives through increased libido in men and women. It can create firmer and longer-lasting erections in men. Other peptides promote our body to heal itself, while other peptides serve to increase our own body’s production of growth hormone (GH). Restoring GH levels improves sleep, skin tone, causes weight loss, among other benefits. Some peptides can induce hair growth as well as reduce fine wrinkles in the skin. Peptides can also promote weight loss, including killing the “white fat cells” that are in our mid-section and around our organs (visceral fat).

To date, there are thousands of naturally occurring peptides that have been identified. Peptide Therapy is gaining more popularity with patients because peptides are highly specific in their action and very effective. Moreover, most peptides have an excellent safety profile as they are naturally occurring in our bodies.

At OB Men, we have extensive knowledge and experience in the use of peptides. It’s time to restore your energy level, lose belly fat, gain muscle, get you looking younger and performing better in bed. Who wouldn’t want that? Call for a personalized consultation with the doctor today. Come visit one of our Houston-based clinics. Or schedule a telemedicine visit from the convenience of your home (available within the State of Texas).